You have specific financial needs that must be fulfilled at various stages of your personal or professional life. We provide tailored solutions to help you achieve your ambitions and maximize your cash flow.


Acquire an asset without having to buy it.

You want to acquire an asset and need financial support, Prudence Leasing has the solution to help you act fast and decisively, without waiting. We draft a leasing contract that allows you to acquire the asset against a rental cost, without having to buy it during the term of the contract.

We provide the necessary capital for the acquisition of :

• personal vehicles
• pleasure crafts
• professional and industrial vehicles
• industrial, agricultural, construction and commercial equipment

Fixed deposits

Are you looking for investment opportunities? Invest in a Fixed Deposit at Prudence Leasing

La Prudence Leasing Finance Co. Ltd holds a deposit taking license and is regulated by the Bank of Mauritius. You have capital of at least Rs100,000 that you want to invest but you do not want to depend on the uncertainties of the stock market or of company dividends. The fixed deposits of Prudence Leasing are the ideal form of investment for you.

You can choose the investment duration, from 1 to 5 years, and the frequency of income earning, i.e. monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly or at maturity.

Who can invest?

We take deposits from individuals, corporates, financial institutions and fund managers.

You have capital to invest?